We are a small, independent press, thus, any assistance is greatly appreciated. All of our work is done and provided for free, however, such a model is unsustainable; Americans collectively need to decide whether they will continue supporting the ‘free’ model – that is to say, the ad-reliant (and thus corporate reliant) model of creator support, or cut out the middle-man and directly support those creators whose work is found to be of value. We encourage the latter route (though not purely for our own sake, if you’ve found better literary magazines, do go and support them first).

Sufficient funding will allow us to not just improve the quality of the site (and completely remove ads), but also produce print-copy editions of our authors works and begin branching out into different endeavours entirely.

So, if, in place of purchasing a (probably over-priced) cup of coffee, you should wish to support our endeavours publishing and promoting fine American literature, you can do so at the links provided below.



[more links will be forthcoming in the event of a payment processor ban, as, of late, the major payment processors seem extremely and increasingly particular about the opinions of their users]

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