The nexus for the writers of tomorrow welcomes new authors.

§ Logos is currently open to submissions from independent, unsigned authors in the domains of prose fiction, philosophy and cultural commentary, with a particular interest in daedalic works concerning geopolitics, governance, evolution, speciation, technology, networks, cartography, invention, sovereignty, the nature of language and the future of man.

§§ Some publishers use word/page-count as a standard of evaluation; we do not and consequently accept works of any duration in which the task of the textual work may be accomplished, whether one page or one hundred (though not in 15 words).

Our primary criterion is quality (not quantity, so no need to rush).

Media we publish

  • Original flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novels (serialized or whole).
  • Incisive and thoughtful commentaries on the craft of writing.
  • Philosophical works pertaining to writing, narratives and mythology.
  • Philosophical works concerning design theory, technology and culture.
  • Narrative-based multi-media projects (such as audiobooks, radiodramas, etc).

Media we do not publish

  • Work designed merely to shock.
  • Fan-fiction.
  • Derivative genre works.
  • Poetry (occassional exceptions may be made).
  • Works so grammatically woeful as to be illegible.
  • Screeds or rants.
  • Foreign language pieces without an accompanying English translation.

All submissions may be made via the email: If unsure if your work “fits,” look over some of the other pieces on the site before submission.

If you do not receive a reply in a timely manner, you may contact us directly through the twitter or gab account of our Administrator, Kaiter Enless, but please do not submit your work there unless asked.

cras viri—pars solis

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