Article Submissions

We are always open to submissions from talented authors in the domains of prose, poetry and political theory. To see in detail what kind of articles we accept consult the ‘about’ page (some exceptions may be made for singular works). A basic submission guideline for those seeking to become regular contributors is provided below.


  1. All Document(s) must be sent in OpenOffice compatible file type [check online if unsure].
  2. If you wish to become a regular contributor you will be required to submit a email to be added to the site roster.
  3. If you wish to become a regular contributor you will be required to utilize a given graphic (our site logo) & banner-background image for your primary social media account (note: we are always looking to improve and so if you believe you can design a better logo/banner for the site, or your personal use, we should certainly listen).
  4. You must be reliable and keep to your word (if you say you will put out a certain article at a certain time and do not, you will be deleted permanently from the roster – barring unforeseen circumstances such as deaths in the family, weddings, injuries, etc)
  5. You must not actively work against/slander or otherwise malign the author(s)/commentators of the site. Whilst sanguine criticism of particular articles uploaded to this site is perfectly acceptable, articles explicitly attacking the authors within is not. If you do this you will be permanently deleted from the roster.

If you do not wish to comply with these five tenets then please do not apply.

If you have a article you would like to submit for consideration after having consulted the ‘about’ page & submission guideline above to understand what we are looking for, send your query to

If you do not receive a reply in a timely manner, you may contact us directly through the twitter, gab or wrongthink account of our Administrator, Kaiter Enless (consult home or about page’s to access social media) but do not submit your work there. We thank you kindly for your interest and continued readership.