Of what use is the art which does not ruthlessly seek to force life to imitate it?

We are currently open to submissions from independent, unsigned authors in the domains of prose fiction and philosophy. We accept: novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction, manifestos and rigorous theoretical works. We are currently seeking works of fiction and philosophy that are vitalistic and Promethean; works that are every bit as alive as their writers, works which are not meant merely as a escape from reality, but rather, as a forthright confrontation with it.

Media we publish: 

  • Flash, short stories, novellas & novels pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Manifestos/Pamphlets pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Essays/monographs pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Occasional videos pertaining to the aforementioned topics (if hosted on another site)
  • Traditional/mixed/digital art pertaining to the aforementioned topics

Media we do not publish:

  • Work designed merely to shock
  • Fan-fiction
  • Cookie-cutter genre works (i.e. fantasy novel with a princess kidnapped by a “dark lord” who must be saved by a gallant knight in shining… well, you get the idea)
  • Poetry (some exceptions will be made if the poem is sufficiently coherent and/or tells a story or communicates a message)
  • Works so grammatically woesome that they are illegible.
  • Screeds or rants
  • Pop-culture/current events pieces

All submissions may be made via the email: logosliterature@yandex.com. Please look to previously published articles on-site to establish a stylistic tenor commensurate with Logos. At present we are accepting prose-fiction (novels, novellas, short stories and flash fiction) & works of philosophy (principally, works which syncretize art, industrialism and arcology for future societal advancement; art analysis is also welcome). If unsure if your work “fits,” look over some of the other articles on the site, the fiction stories The Chittering and The Photographer’s Dilemma as well as the non-fiction articles, Suzerain and Swallow The Sun are good places to start.

If you do not receive a reply in a timely manner, you may contact us directly through the twitter, gab or wrongthink account of our Administrator, Kaiter Enless but do not submit your work there unless asked to do so. We thank you kindly for your interest and continued readership.

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