Logos is a literary organization that creates, gathers and promotes the work of independent writers, with a particular focus on original prose fiction.

Media we publish: 

  • Novels, novellas, short stories + ebooks of original fiction
  • Original essays on literature, technology and philosophy
  • Original works of traditional, mixed + digital graphic art
  • Original music

Media we do not publish:

  • Material designed merely to shock
  • Screeds or rants
  • Derivative genre works
  • Fanfiction

Submissions are presently open.

All submissions may be made via the submissions page (English language manuscripts only; skillful translations of foreign language works are welcome).

If you would like to support our work, consider becoming a member of our Patreon.

Alternatively, direct donations may be made here.

Opinions expressed by individual authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of other writers of the site, nor its administrator (Kaiter Enless). 

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