Commonly Confused Words: Choose & Chose

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Chose and choose both have distinct usages, however, due their near identical spellings, knowing which one to use when, can be confounding (especially if your spellchecker doesn’t highlight their misuse).

Choose [pronounced /ch-ewz/] is a irregular verb (as it deviates from grammatical conjugation) and means | to decide, opt, pick, select something or things.

Chose [pronounced /ch-oez/] is the past-tense of choose | decided, opted, picked, selected something or things.

Sentence examples:

  1. Choose [present tense] — I choose a short, keen dagger, whilst my opponent brandishes a bloodstained flail.
  2. Chose [past tense] — I chose a short, keen dagger whilst my opponent brandished a bloodstained flail.

Choose is used when the act of selecting is being done.

Chose is used when the act of selection has already been accomplished.

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