Now & Next is a new, weekly series, focused on site-related updates, that will cover what to expect from us in both the short, and long, term.

Now: Completed & Current Projects

The short story (based in the world of the upcoming novel, Tomb of the Father), The Seal Maiden & The Spirit Cage, was recently published.

18 brisk chapters of the novella, The Silence & The Howl, are presently available.

Parts 19 and 20 will be published soon.

T.R. Healy’s gripping, slice-of-life novella, Hinterland, was recently published and is available in full for free. We will be looking towards a print and Kindle edition (and possibly others) in the future.

Our biggest news of the week is the publication of the paperback and Kindle edition of Peter Clarke’s witty post-apocalyptic satire, The Singularity Survival Guide, first published digitally in serialized form here.

You can find the Kindle and paperback editions online here (and be sure to leave a review!).

Regular, news updates, along with other exclusive material, will also be appearing on our Patreon page – if you would like to support us, you can find it here.

Next: Forthcoming projects

The novel, Tomb of the Father, is nearing completion. A rough-draft chapter excerpt is presently available with a couple new chapter excerpts coming soon.



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