Anti-hate ideologies are pathogenic. Worse, they are incredibly alluring. Why hate if you can love? As the hippies say, “make love not war.” Or, to quote the ADL’s Lennonesque line, “Imagine a world without hate.” How sweetly such honeyed words ring upon the ears! Illusory of course, yet bees we are not; our eyes are not so good, our vision not quite so keen! If our organs were more perceptive perhaps those who spoke up so furiously and indignantly in defense of the ex-leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, upon his arrest and incarceration for the violation of nonsensical regulations in the UK might also have plied whatever mangy glop which luxuriates within their orbital cavities to the twin affairs of Chabloz and Turner. But first, the Robinson affair.

Sunbed shop operator, Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) rose to prominence in 2009 at which time he founded the English Defense League (EDL), a civil group dedicated to speaking up against the Muslim invasion and subsequent Islamization of Europe. In 2013, after coming into contact with the anti-extremist activist, Majid Nawaz and his think tank, Quilliam, Robinson left the EDL and sought out new and more constructive ways to tackle the problem of Islamic extremism which he believed to be one of the single greatest threats facing the West.

On May the 25th, 2018, Tommy Robinson stood outside of Leeds Crown Court in West Yorkshire, England, livestreaming the facade inside of which several Muslim men were awaiting trail for rape crimes (absurdly referred to in Britain and various parts of Europe as “grooming”). Robinson noted the precariousness of his situation:

“I have to be super careful, you see, because when I was coming to these court cases, part of what the police did was they dawn raided me and they put me on a contempt of court charge, which would mean that I could face prison.” -T. Robinson.

Despite Robinson’s awareness of the very real likelihood of being apprehended that is just what occurred shortly thereafter. Given his previous “transgression” (contempt of court) in 2017, he was quickly sentenced to 3 month imprisonment with a 18 month sentence suspension with the presiding judge remarking, “You will now be under no illusions whatsoever as to what you can and cannot do.” As media firestorm ensured; Robinson’s foes cheered with some even stating that “prison was the place for him to stay,” his defenders and allies, however, decried the judgement as both nonsensical and immoral with some stating that the English government was attempting to cover up the activity of the Muslim rape gangs which Robinson had been reporting on. Despite the fact that Robinson does appear to have willfully violated the law, the sentence which followed baffles all. 3 months imprisonment for reporting on rape gangs? Well, that’s England for you.

I find it quite curious that those who (rightly) spoke up in defense of Mr. Robinson – by and large – had absolutely nothing to say concerning the singer, Alison Chabloz and the former soldier and political organizer, Jeremy Bedford-Turner. The intensity of the media furor surrounding the Robinson affair had the unfortunate side-effect of dampening coverage of the trials of both Chabloz and Turner, both of whom were victims of state persecution for literal thought crime.

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner, oft referred to as “Jez,” gave a speech in 2015 wherein he encouraged his compatriots to “free England from Jewish control.” Due to this statement the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) was called in but decided against bringing charges against Mr. Turner. This decision was then reversed after judicial review decided that Turner was “stirring up racial hatred.” Some natives, specifically members of the Jewish community, claimed that the CPS did not take “anti-Semitic crime” seriously. Upon inquiry from The Independent, a spokesman from CPS stated, “It is categorically untrue to claim the CPS does not take prosecuting anti-Semitic crime seriously.”  On May the 14th, 2018, in Southwark Crown Court, London, Jeremy Bedford-Turner was sentenced to 12 months behind bars.

The affair of Chabloz was equally scandalous. Alison Chabloz a blogger and musician, was found guilty of broadcasting “anti-Semitic” songs on YouTube! When one sees governments going to such ridiculous lengths to persecute its citizenry one must seriously question who is really doing the “hating.”

Ms. Chabloz.

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