Unicorn Riot’s Yellow Journalism

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Taking a break from regularly scheduled programming, going to be skipping over literature, art and philosophy and delving into some recent current events and a incredibly unsavory organization which I recently had the displeasure of stumbling across. The ostensibly independent “news” organization and 501(c)3 non-profit, Unicorn Riot, recently published a over 490,000 leaked private messages from various different discord servers. They billed these leaks as belonging to “nazis” and “white supremacists.” What is curious about this is that I was one of the individuals whose information was leaked. Now, I’m not going to waste any time explaining my political positions or how I’m not a national socialist or how white supremacist is one of the most poorly defined ethnic slurs currently being slung about today, because anyone can call me what they please; my work speaks for itself. Draw your own conclusions. What I am irked by is the fact that they would release my information without my consent – no one asked me. What was the information about me they leaked you might rightly ask? A handful of shots of me explaining I was a graphic designer (gasp!) and, perhaps more horrendously, a couple of other messages of me helping some people who I didn’t know navigate discord (shocking!). This incident, however, is not just about me, to reiterate, they released, in total, around 500,000 private messages! It is anyone’s guess how many people these cretins have doxxed with this move.


It also bears noting that even if you buy what Unicorn Riot is selling and believe that ALL of these people are “evil natzees” (which they obviously aren’t) that should in no way predispose you to champion doxxing and smear campaigns. I don’t much care for ANTIFA because they’re noisy thugs who disrupt speeches, interrupt and bar the citizenry’s right of assembly and occasionally beat people over the head with bike-locks. But insofar as any given member of ANTIFA is not of the violent, criminal latter stripe, they should be able to gather and plot their noisy nonsense to their hearts content. Let us say that one has a bunch of people in their discord server and they’re throwing around radical political opinions – humanity is a mirage which must be shattered; stop taking care of kids, they’re a waste of resources and temporal-spatial capital; capitalism is an evil force which has a mind of its own – whatever kind of nonsense you can think of; in America, as is (or,rather, was) our tradition, that is ALL permissible. If however, one of those people then said, “Hey by the way, I beat someone in the head with a bikelock, was pretty cool, but she was a nazi, so… ya know, it’s whatever.” If you were to then release this person’s identity to some trustworthy authorities after having booted the miscreant that might just be understandable but that is not even close to what Unicorn Riot did. Instead of evaluating their information and releasing the data of criminals and terrorists they simply decided to release the information of everyone and anyone they decided was a “nazi.” Now, as it turns out, there actually were some real National Socialists in some of the servers who Unicorn Riot leaked (it isn’t hard to find any radical political belief online, just type it in and you’ll invariably find a thriving community somewhere). One of these individuals went by the melodramatic moniker of “Zeiger,” a white separatist who worked for the semi-parodic news site, The Daily Stormer. Not only did they doxx this individual (for seemingly no other reason then that they didn’t agree with him), they linked to various articles which compared him to none other than the Toronto mosque shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette who killed six people. Insofar as I am aware, Zeiger (I’m not going to publish his legal name on my website) is not a murderer, nor, even a criminal. Despite this, his face and legal name have now appeared on flyers all over Canada; a police investigation into the man was even arranged. Yet, even Inspector Ian Lafrenière of the SPVM, who is leading the investigation into Zeiger, suggest that Zeiger is not a criminal, as he stated, in a telephone interview with The Montreal Gazette, “When you are talking about extremists, left or right, we are putting in place different measures, but I am not going to share them with you, especially if you are not talking about someone who has committed a crime.” This strongly suggests that Zeiger is not a criminal otherwise he would have said as much and noted that he would be apprehended. Benjamin Ducol, of the Canadian Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence, said of Zeiger, “We knew his pseudonym and that he was a Montrealer with a relatively important place in the extreme right movement. He is not necessarily advocating violence, but that is not the only thing that radicalizing agents do-,” so why all the persecution then? Simply say, neo-nazism is not my cup of tea.

Now, these events are primarily taking place in and around Canada, who, unlike The United States of America, has no real conception of free speech, regardless of what they might say. Whatever they chose to do about this situation is their own business, but in America a man or a woman is entitled to their opinions, whatever they might happen to be, insofar as they are not inciting or announcing their intent to commit some criminal action. Or at least, that was way free speech used to be practiced (red scare aside). The problem is that freedom of speech doesn’t really mean anything if you speaking your mind in a civil fashion gets you deplatformed, fired, socially ostracized and viciously mobbed in the public space. But such attitudinal vectors did not just spring from the aether, nor did they develop out of some kind of linear and continously auto-correcting arrow of history as the liberal progressives might have us believe, rather, they developed as political tools for the hammering down of all unleavened ends, for the complete and total suppression of dissent by doxxing, smearing, yellow-journalist organizations like Unicorn Riot.

Apparently they couldn’t handle my criticism.

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