This project – the site – has been extremely useful both on a personal level and, given a bevvy of intra-site and extra-site messages, a public one. I thus wish to intensify the usefulness of my writings and of the writings of all of the other writers of the site and shall be, in the coming months, compiling various different PDF e-books that will contain the works of my own work (which will constitute the majority) as well as various other writers who I have judged to be worthy of showcasing to the public (such as Sant’Elia, whose manifesto of Futurist architecture I have previously published on this website, as well as Lebbeus Woods and the fiction works of Charles Brockden Brown). I shall hide nothing behind a paywall and offer all of these too-be-released PDF e-books completely free upon completion; as such, a new area will begin to emerge in the Archives main-page.

If there are any books in the public domain (perhaps due to age) that you would recommend to us to be included in our soon to be sizable on site archive, due let us know.

Thank you for your continued readership.



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