Youtube Censors TLC – Removes ROF Discord Hoax Video

Recently Youtube removed my video, Discord Hoaxers Hoodwink ABC in Parkland Shooting+ROF Story [T.T.S.], and “struck” my Youtube account (for those that aren’t aware, 3 strikes means account termination). They assert that “Upon review, we’ve determined that it [the video] violates our guidelines.” They give no particulars. My video did not contained incitements to violence, threats, instances of doxing, nor bullying nor any illegal nor unsightly action. I did however, note that the discord hoaxers who tricked ABC News and various other outlets had actually done Americans at-large a goodly service, as they further exposed the lax editorial standards of our media overlords whose incompetence seems to be rivaled only by their overbearing hubris. Can’t have anyone criticizing Youtube’s media pals…


That is, I assume, the reason my account was struck and the video removed. I shall not be inquiring to find out. For I would protest that I did not violate any of their rules (which I didn’t) and that the video was perfectly reasonable and 100% informationally accurate (which it was) but that doesn’t matter because the video hosting company no longer follows its own rules. Given this fact, I shall no longer be posting anything to Youtube and instead will post all future videos on Pewtube and (more occasionally) on this website itself (I hesitate to upload videos to TLC because I’ve only purchased so much storage space and video eats up a lot of it).


I’d also encourage those of you who are concerned with the increasingly censorious nature of, not just Youtube, but all Google/ADL affiliated platforms to instantly cease utilizing them. Instead, create accounts on sites (like Pewtube or Gab) who are explicitly opposed to fickle censorship. There is a idea that the monopolistic companies must be bargained with in terms of one’s online utilization of their products, there is, as they say, no true alternatives. But this is a manifestly false statement. People are creating alternatives to censorious sites like Youtube and Twitter all the time, it is merely that they are not being touted because of the presumption that, due their comparatively scant resources, they can do not but fail. That’s foolish. If you think they’ve a better platform go use it and champion them from the rooftops! Help fund them if you can. The more alternatives to monopolistic censoriousness, the better.

You can read the article upon which the video was based here.


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