A frenetic week. Country is losing its mind as usual. Depressing. Amusing. Ultimately, invigorating. We begin our recommendations with Muh Occult Memetics, from icareviews. The piece meticulously reviews (Styxhexenhammer666) Tarl Warwick’s Occult Memetics: Reality Manipulation, a book concerning the nature of memes and their relationship to magick (with a K, so you know its serious bizniss). The author takes aim rather sunderously at Warwick’s mastermind posturing, especially as concerns his hand in popularizing something called “ebolachan,” which we had never heard of before, that is apparently a image macro of a female anime character meant to represent the ebola virus (for reasons beyond our reckoning). Warwick writes:

This was all by design. I fanned the flames myself. […] I created a series of videos on the subject where I made sure that my audience was aware that such a movement existed, in hopes that they would look for more information and spread it around further. […] I created a series of ambient works loosely related to the same and the ritualism worked quite nicely. […] Ultimately, this was the first serious attempt by the occult community to make use of a larger, generally politicized audience for magickal workings.

To which the author responds: What was the point of all of this? Warwick explains:

“While I did not invent Ebolachan I certainly shaped the egregore to my own will over time, for my own entertainment, without any regard to its ultimate effects,” he writes. Rather, he did it just because “chaos [or, anyway, wasting time on the internet] can be fun.”

So there wasn’t a point then? All that “magick” power and it was used merely for momentary, paltry amusement; seems a touch of a waste for one so gifted in the arcane arts!

In passing, we would also like to mention a fantastic review list by our aforementioned author, entitled the, Ideological Content Analysis Review Index. Highly recommended.

Over at This Book Burns Itself the author looks into what makes philosophy philosophy in, Brainlet Corner 1: What Is Philosophy: Intro & Ch.1 – Bound Infinite. His prose, though immensely stylish, can wax a bit dense from time to time, but he more than makes up for this barrier-to-entry from the neophytic by his deft handling of the subject matter.

Imperial Energy well earns the name by continuing on with yet another installment of the STEEL-cameralist Manifesto 10A: The STEEL Reset.

In this installment I.E. looks into:

1: What is the Goal(s)?

2: How Are These Goals to be Achieved?

3: What are the Imperatives of the State?

4: Do the Imperatives of the State Conflict with the Imperatives of Sub-State Organisations, Groups and Individuals?

5: What is Good for Sub-State Institutions, Groups and Enterprises?

6: What is Good for the Individual?

7: What is Good for Economic Growth? Science? Technology etc?

8: What about Trade-offs?

9: What is Nuclear Absolutism?

10: Can we Eliminate Imperium in Imperio and if so How?

11: What are the Dangers of a “Perfect Design” or a State that is Overly Centralised?

12: What Role does War Play in the Growth of the Left and State Power and Can War Be Stopped?

13: When it comes to any Hypothetical Restructuring, What is the “Bottom Line” or the Sine Qua Non for Neoreactionaries?

14: What can Neoreactionaries Learn from System’s Thinking?

15: Hypothetically Speaking, what would the Structure of a STEEL-cameralist Look Like?

Over at Social Matter Hans Lander, Smith and Mason bring out yet another Myth of the 20th Century podcast concerning the racial undertones of the LA Riots (among other things) in Ep. 57: The LA Riots – Racial Powderkeg.

That’s all for now (had we only more spare time!).

May Apophis guide you.


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