A Response To Artist-Tyrant on the Nature of Left and Right and National Socialism.

Imperial Energy delineates Left, Right and things in between.


Artist-Tyrant wrote the following in a comment from this post:

Imperial Energy, what are your thoughts on Moldbug’s comments on Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s analysis of Fascism as Left-Wing:

“While I admire the efforts of Kuehnelt-Leddihn and the like to describe National Socialism as left-wing, I have to disagree. To K-L, “right is right and left is wrong.” This is one definition. And it certainly makes Nazism left-wing. But is it useful?

Certainly the Nazis borrowed many Leninist tactics. Tactics are universal. When we look at the social networks that brought Hitler to power, however, we see the security forces and in general the carcass of the Prussian old regime.

I think we can actually rely on the Universalist classification of Nazism as “right-wing.” After all, you would expect the thing to know its enemies.

If we think of “fascism” as the last ditch of aristocratic, Europeanist resistance to chiliastic…

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Futurist, artist and published fiction writer whose work asks the question, Of what use is the art which does not ruthlessly seek to force life to imitate it?

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