Still a Republic If You Look at the Details

A splendid beast of a article which convincingly overturns many modern preconceptions about the nature of internationalism, the EU and American Empire.

Pragmatically Distributed

Metternich, Volume IV page 54

March 23, 1823 . — Now, to recognise a Government one must know first of all know what it is; and to enter into negotiations with it one must have recognised it. It is, therefore, necessary that we should know first of all what the Government will be.

Not all of you can investigate those details, especially Americans.  Here we are home to the dumbest, most thoroughly incompetent “nationalists” in all the West.

Such woeful circumstances force us to import illegal British immigrant labor to do the job the American paleocon/altright/whatever are incapable of doing.  For today’s purposes that job is making a coherent argument that America is an informal empire.

Responding to our article on Regionalism, Imperial Energy has made as good an argument as can be found for America running an “informal empire”.

One should probably look at it as an adaptive…

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