Anglossic-Qabbalistic Explorations: The Geology of Morals (Part I)

A very interesting treatise on de/re-territorialization among other things.

DI Research Zone 22

earthJudgments of God, I

The first AQ equivalence appears almost right off the bat:


We thus have a distinct and direct connection between Plateau 3 (10,000 BC: The Geology of Morals) and Plateau 13 (7,000 BC: Apparatus of Capture) . It goes without saying that elements throughout each plateau of Deleuze and Guattari’s book resonate with one another, connecting with one another and spiraling out fractally across its pages – yet if the AQ is to be taken as any sort of ‘guide’ (a debatable proposition in itself), there seems to be a particularly sharp resonance to be found here.

The “Apparatus of Capture” proceeds quite straightforwardly from the plateau previous to it, “1227: Treatise on Nomadology – The War Machine”. In this plateau, Deleuze and Guattari discuss wild and freely mobile intensities, swarms, packs, rhizomatic flows, etc. that blaze…

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