The North Korean Nuclear Crisis I: the Warrant for War.

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We are now in the worst nuclear crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

While we will look at the likelihood of war in a subsequent post, here we will consider the argument (or warrant) for war. That is, for USG and its allies to carry out military strikes to, at least, destroy or sufficiently degrade North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability and even remove and replace the regime itself.

The Warrant for War.

While we will not discuss every principle of jus ad bellum, we will build the warrant out of just cause (or right intention).

The paramount reason for going to war is none of the following reasons:

A: Kim is an evil tyrant. (Though one forced to be so by circumstances.)

B: The North Korean regime is evil and crazy.

C: The North Korean regime is objectively unjust in that it has failed to keep its…

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