CNN, Younglings & The Fear of Fascism

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CNN took it upon themselves to be one of America’s preeminant fascist watchdogs. They warned of creeping fascism when Trump ran and when he was elected. They warned of the fascists congregating all over the country – most notably at Charlottesville. CNN has found a new and dangerous cauldron of fascism, one so dangerous that parents spend millions on it every year, all to appease their children.

No, not pamphlets of Vanguard America propaganda or video recordings of Benito Mussolini’s speeches. It’s far, far worse. Far more extreme. Far more dangerous.

Children’s cartoons.

You might think Thomas The Tank Engine is just a idyllic fantasy program about talking machines designed to impart life lessons on envy and responsibility but you’d be wrong because CNN has uncovered the horrible truth.

Thomas the Tank Engine is fascist propaganda.

You might also be led to believe that, Paw Patrol is just a story about a intrepid youngster and his gaggle of superpowered puppies – again, how foolish!

They’re also crypto-fascists!

Now, something should here be stated, the principal concern of the author of the piece, Elissa Strauss, is not actually Fascism properly defined (I doubt she knows what fascism actually is – something tells me she hasn’t read much of Marinetti, Sorel or Maurras,ect.) but rather that both of the “fascistic” and “domineering” characters in both series (Topum Hatt in Thomas and Ryder in Patrol) are both – gasp – white and male!

The horror… the horror!

The first thing to say is that there is no state proper in Thomas The Tank Engine so, by definition, there cannot be any true fascism. As far as Paw Patrol (I’m admittedly not very familiar with it) is concerned… the show is about superhero dogs, not the homogeneous and syncretic reinvigorate of a state so, again, it’s definitively absurd to label the show as fascistic (given that the political structure of the ideology rests with radical nationalism –  no nation = no fascism). Secondly, though fascism has arisen as the terrifying new bogey man of the modern American political landscape, fascism was and still remains far from any true threat to the USA and indeed, the political formulation had many noble tenets. After all, fascism, in it’s initial iteration, was a syncretic emulation of modern Italy and classical Rome; Americans today still use the fasces and found such profound appreciation for it that, to this day, we still display the symbol in our state buildings and on our regalia.

More to the point, as previously stated, CNN’s problem with both shows was that it prominently featured, strong white male characters in positions of power. The article offers up a solution to this problem: Just have both characters retire and have the sisters of Sir Topum Hatt and Ryder take over – it’s not like the kids would care. This is true, the kids wouldn’t care, but the message does change. The message then becomes the feminist Utopian vision of “when women run everything, everything is better.” Not only is this manifestly untrue (look at what Merkel has done to Germany or what Nikki Haley continually advocates for because of her feelings) it also lays out these manifestly untrue things as the to-be-expected realities of life. Men are natural leaders, women are not. Where they are effective leaders they are exceptions, not the rule. Secondly, both Ryder and Topum Hatt are beloved characters for fans of these shows and it would be nothing short of artistic sabotage for them to shunted aside simply because of their gender in precisely the same way so many beloved characters in fiction are being shunted aside or transformed in a nonsensical manner which destroys the integrity of those characters (Achilles is soon to be turned black, Watson is now a woman, Thor is a woman, Iceman is flamboyantly gay, Professor Moriarty is flamboyantly gay, Luke Skywalker was highhandedly killed off to make way for a profoundly boring Mary Sue replacement ect, ect, ect). Lastly, all of the “fascistic” elements of the show which the article mentions are values and attitudes which any sane person should consider to be good things in a civilized society such as: the rule of law, respect for valid figures in authority, punishment for crime, derision for sloth and vice, reward for hardwork, dedication and loyalty. Yet all CNN, and the parents whom they feature in the articles, are concerned with is gender and race for its own sake and nothing which arises from it! Their only take away from Thomas the Tank Engine appears to be: “Not enough diversity. Too many whites.” From Paw Patrol they raise the cry: “Too many males! Not enough women!” This reveals something which perceptive readers-between-the-lines have discerned long ago: That the ostensible anti-fascism movements of recent years are nothing more than a mask for the anti-white and anti-male cudgel of the cult of egalitarian globalism which is, ironically, far, far more totalitarian and oppressive than fascism ever was or even possibly could be. In their ideal world the blackshirts are superfluous, one does not require iron-fisted policemen when the panopticon is globally internalized. The key here, is thrown away, not by the jailer, but by the jailed themselves!

If anything it is a pity these shows were not more “fascistic.”

You may think this is all rather silly, you may say, “It’s just a kid’s show. Who cares?” But if you were to say so you would be a fool; you would be wholly discounting the profound power of art, it’s ability to shape the minds which shape the world. After all, there is a reason I repeat TLC’s motto so often: Of what us is the art which does not ruthlessly seek to force life to imitate it? I do this because the answer is: Of none. To anyone.




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  1. I thought TLC’s motto was “Everyone needs a little TLC.” I guess they must have changed it as part of another rebrand of the network. I actually like the new motto better, though I’m not sure how it applies to a show like My Strange Addiction or My 600lb Life.

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