Yuletide Greetings From TLC

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2017 has been the best year thus far for TLC in terms of both readership and engagement and December has been the single best month for the same since the inception of the site itself. We are thankful to all our readers, new and, especially the older readers who have followed this site since it’s creation last year.

Remember to set aside some time to be with those who mean most to you, those who will not always be around, those who have supported you in all your endeavors, even those you, yourself did not truly believe in. Your family and friends; mother, father, brother, sister, son daughter; grandfather and grandmother, niece and nephew – that girl you met months ago who you’ve gotten to know and who you think might just be the one. Hold all them close and shower them in good cheer.

This holiday season, we raise a toast (of white frizzante moscato) to your health.

We hope to see you all again shortly on TLC, for we’ve big things planned for 2018.


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