This circular TLC presents a choice selection of the very best articles we have viewed in recent months. Our first recommendation, Individualism as Western Pathology, comes to us from Titus Quinctius’ very excellent NRx blog, The Neo-Ciceronian Times. In The NC Times latest piece, the Quinctius deftly explores the contemporary idea of Individualism and it’s interconnection to Modernism (the capital M variety). He makes many of the same points that are covered in our publication only he additionally tackles how socialism is no more of a hyper-collectivist sinkhole than classical liberalism given that the operational effects upon social bonds ends up producing similar results (we would add that classical liberalism is  far more damaging than socialism, simply because it scales far, far better). Unlike far too many NRx blogs I’ve come across, Quinctius gets straight to the point and explains his positions deftly without layering on extraneous historical trivium. Highly recommended.


Continuing the theme of Critiquing the religion of Individualism is Social Matter’s, The End of Atomistic Individualism: A Theory On Who You Are, by Arthur Gordian. Which, though sometimes veering off into mysticism, is a critique largely as sound as NCT’s.


Next offering is Nick Land’s Independent Games which comes to us from Jacobite Magazine which seems to never be at a shortage for excellent and incisive content despite the fact that it’s tagline The Post-Political Magazine makes little sense to us. Mr. Land’s article concerns the North Korea v. USA nuclear situation and its broader geopolitical implications. As per usual, Mr. Land is as thorough on his facts as he is with his theories. Blunt, stylish and much, much more accessible than many of his earlier essays, we highly recommend this piece (especially to our American brothers and sisters).


Last up, is Napoleon Really Was The Greatest, from one of our personal favorite blogs, Imperial Energy. Imperial Energy bears the unique distinction of being one of the few NRx websites which is actually neoreactionary as it seems most people who are utilizing the moniker NRx are utilizing the phrase in a completely decontextualized manner as a synonym for some fundamentalist faith movement or another which bears little similarity to Moldbug or Land’s work which form the foundations of NRx proper. In IE‘s latest piece he briefly examines Napoleon along a spectrum of attributes such as Ambition, Judgement, Terror and Branding. More interestingly is his post NRx is Dead -which echos our own sentiments (though, clearly the flame hasn’t died entirely, even if IE seems a increasingly lonely torchbearer) – this piece is not really a article proper but a series of tweets decrying the death of neo-reaction which he rebuts via linking three detailed, older articles he’d penned specifically concerning foundational NRx theory, all of which are well worth reading (he’s possessed of a rare talent for making dense, complex topics extremely enjoyable and exciting). Incisive work as usual and the best thing we’ve (re)read in many weeks. Definitely A+





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