THE PARTY: Manifesto Towards A New Political Party

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Unity is strength and strength subordinated by intelligence is the greatest weapon that MAN possesses. It is the weapon, the tool, which MAN has used to suborn the near totality of the planet. Nothing but the deepest trenches of the ocean black are beyond our grasp and in due time, of a certainty, our grasp will meet there our reach and we will tear their gaudy secrets from those mystic zones of the abyss as well. It is the tool which we Americans have utilized to a extent greater than that of any other people in the history of the world.

This tool, this great weapon is the one which has been shattered by the fetid two-party system currently instantiated in our dear country, The United States of America – the name itself now more parodic epithet than noble legend – as well as the seemingly sacrosanct belief that there must be two parties, no more and no less. Coupled with the faith of democracy, massive amounts of immigration from peoples who are neither congruent with, nor loving of, the founding stock and the pathological drive to stamp out all hitherto founded ideas of American identity of any coherence or reality, our weapon has been broken. Our unity, shattered. Our country unraveling. The whole political landscape shifting away underneath our feet like so much quicksand under the hooves of some hapless, moorland beast.

All of this because we have been betrayed. Betrayed by our political class of both parties. Betrayed by the monied interests. Betrayed by the propagandistic media circus. Betrayed by our own insipid complacency. The last, most of all. Of a certainty, there are good men and women who are working in our government, in our media – but not enough. They are as constrained by party policy and paradigmatic thinking as your average Joe-citizen off the streetcorner.

We declare a end to all betrayals. We withdraw all support, implicit or explicit, of the Washington Regime and it’s attendant satellites. We withdraw all support from the lying, vapid media vampires. We withdraw all support from the mega-corporations which seek to export those companies under their control to foreign soil and who champion immigration for nothing more than economic gain.

We declare that the age of the endless expansion of democracy is over, that the rule of the herd over the herd-dog and the Shepard is over. We realize that, as John Winthrop, the first of our great American antecedents, rightly noted, unconstrained democracy is, “-the meanest and worst of all forms of government.” Unfettered democracy will not die in darkness, as so many Americans fear, but in the light of the new and radiant sun which rises by the force of our wills alone. We declare a end to political factionalism, a end to the party system and indeed to all parties themselves. We adhere to but ONE party, THE AMERICAN PARTY. It is neither democrat or republican. It does not bath in endless self-indulgent historical contrarianism but seeks to, through a sound historical understanding of those great men and women of our past and their titanic accomplishments, revivify the masses for the purposes of their own betterment. The task is not to teach our people to hate their enemies but to teach them how to, once again, value themselves.

The flag, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, even The States themselves are merely expressions of the will of the American people and as such are subordinate in consideration to the people themselves. ALL other matters are but secondary. Our constitution means nothing if not read by the deft-souled and inquiring. Our flag means nothing if not held aloft in the hands of the colossal. Our states mean nothing if not populated by our kith and kin. Our states, our country is but a glorious suit of mail that has for too long gone unoccupied. Our pride, a sword, rusted and forgone.

But through you, brothers and sisters, those armaments will be reforged. Your cheers and adoration, your steel of mind and loving embrace the soothing liniments which nourish us all.

Speaking of nourishment, we have a long history of liberty in this country. A love of it. For we are a free people. But, as Jefferson reminds us, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Traitors. The profiteers, the warmongering industrialists, the media vampires of the lying press, the condescending circus freaks of Hollywood, the sniveling, scheming wretches of Silicon Valley, the perfidious rotting zombies who occupy Capital Hill and the foreign invaders who they usher through our gates and who mouth facile platitudes of fidelity to the nation. Traitors all of them. With our great armaments, the armor of our unity, the shield of our brotherhood and the gleaming sword of our pride, we shall shattered them to pieces, sweep them from our lands and drive them into the sea!

The loyalist moves in a different direction. A nobler direction. Towards the preservation, protection and upward growth of the American People.

How, after all, can one call themselves a American, and yet be opposed to these tenets? They cannot. Such is logically axiomatic. America is our birthright and we shall never, ever abandon it. Not for money, not for fame, not for misbegotten ideology and certainly not for fear!


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