Youtube Organizes Saturnine Squadron To Memory Hole “Extremist” Content

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Current events are not the forte of The Logos Club. This website was created to foster political theory, poetry and prose in broadcast and article format. That being said I will make exceptions to that general rule when current events of sufficient importance so vividly mirror our broader political zeitgeist – such is the case with Youtube’s recent actions.

The San Bruno based and world famous video sharing site, Youtube, a subsidiary of multinational software, hardware and cloud computing mega corp, Google, has taken new measures in it’s assault on freedom of speech. Whilst we, brothers and sisters of the Republic, realize the overwrought nature of the term; realize the fact that freedom of speech does not mean total freedom of speech, rather, any speech which does not declare the intent to commit illegal/immoral acts or incite any number of our dear citizenry to illegal/immoral acts. Youtube and Google, however, do not adhere to this doctrine of social comportment. They go a step further. They maintain, almost always implicitly but rather obviously, that one need not declare intent to break the law or incite others to do as much to be chastised and, indeed, legally persecuted; rather they believe that any speech which is “hateful” should be shut down. The difficult task that here is to create and maintain a policy which accurately describes precisely what is and is not hateful, and to what degree. Even if one sets out a highly coherent set of principals which defines what is and is not hateful one would still be going after a individual or group not because of what they have actually done but what they merely think. That is to say, when one attempts to victimize others for “hateful thoughts” one is, in no uncertain terms, waging a campaign to normalize the idea of thought criminalization.

Youtube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, has expressed a keen interest in prosecuting “thought criminals” by hiring 10,000 new employees for the sole purpose of finding “extremist content” which may violate Youtube terms of service. Wojcicki has publicly stated that she was concerned about individuals utilizing her site to “mislead,” and “manipulate” and even “harm” other site users. However, the extremist brigade are merely the tip of the spear for Google has also recently announced that it is currently developing a new algorithm which will eventually work as a total replacement for “extremest” detectors. This project will eventually automate the entire endeavor meaning in essence that, in time, hundreds of thousands of individuals will be censored and have their content memory-holed or banned outright without ever having been reviewed by human minds. It is, in essence, rule by machines in a very literal sense. Why this should concern everyone is that as early as August Youtube had publicly stated that they would censor any content which they found to be “controversial” regardless of whether or not it was in violation of their policies or the law. Youtube made good on this promise when they censored the well known essayist and public speaker, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, had one of his popular videos quarantined by the video-sharing website for seemingly no other reason than that they did not like it. It is noteworthy to say that Youtube censorship of Taylor and others came well before Wojciki’s latest announcements concerning staff bolstering.

Screen shot of Mr. Taylor’s censored video, which was quarantined in August, 2017. The first of many.

The move has come shortly after the British PM, Theresa May began leaning on social media companies to take more stringent measures on “extremist content” after the deadly terror attacks which have recently rocked the UK. Yet no one should make the mistake of believing that May, nor even CEO Wojcicki, are the driving forces behind the decision. Rather we should turn our attention to that seemingly omnipresent meddler, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a organization I have written about at length previously. The ADL has, for decades now, pushed the idea of a “world without hate” which is both impossible and undesirable. For instance, should we not hate those who wish to destroy us? Should a man look upon the murderer of his son or the rapist of his daughter with kindness and forgiveness? No, that is merely suicidal clap-trap. Hatred is a biological defense mechanism and anyone who tells you that it is solely a irrational development from defective human beings is, themselves, either defective or malevolent.

The occasional blacklisting and/or outright banning of video content may seem a matter of little enough concern to the average American. One may say that the only individuals this really effects are the content creators themselves, especially those who rely on the money earned, either through ad-revenue or though Patreon or other similar sites to make ends meet. However, such sentiments are woefully mistaken. The digital age is not a melodramatic moniker, it is highly apt. Consider the fact, dear reader, that the average American devotes approximately 10 hours of every day to some kind of screen, generally a laptop, phone or PC. This number is projected to increase due to the fact that the number of digital devices, as well as access to them, is increasing in tandem. The entanglement of the physical and digital realms has become so prolific that it is downright foolish to any longer consider cyberspace in a self-contained context. The phrase IRL, meaning, In Real Life, is already a anachronism. The internet is every bit as much part and parcel of one’s real life as the conversations, comforts and toils you experience walking through the streets of your local municipality. Pair this with the fact that these efforts are not merely consigned to Youtube and Google, but are also being taken up by other internet giants like Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft and a more wholly disconcerting and dystopian picture begins to develop one which should be of particular concern to us Americans not simply because of the dispensation of the idea of freedom of speech, but because of the idea that hatred itself is a fundamentally unacceptable emotion. Do Americans not hate tyrants? Do we not despise the corrupt and indolent, the cow-towing and the parasitical? As a industrious and freedom-loving people what should concern us more than these internet censorship campaigns themselves is rather the radical ideology which guides them.

This Saturnine ideology is one which extends well beyond mere online videos, it has seeped into nearly every nook and cranny of our once great Republic and it is one which is, in no uncertain terms, antithetical to our very survival as a people.

Editor’s note: Due the increasing levels of censorship visible on Youtube and the demise of I have begun investigating other options to upload my videos and podcasts. The most promising outlet I have discovered thus far is PewTube which is a video sharing website similar to Youtube, only unbeholden to the same stagnant and repressive corporate and political interests. At this juncture I would highly recommend it as a viable alternative to Youtube.


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