They’ve peaked. They’ve reached their conceptual boundaries. They’ve ascended to the highest of rhetorical heights. A apex of slurocrity. From this jagged precipice there is no where to go but down. Straight down. Fast and furiously. Unto the endless and yawning chasm called War. Perhaps this is for the best, War was here long before Man. He’ll be here long after they’re gone. He is the source of all that is valuable, the supreme purveyor of purpose. War, as McCarthy reminds us, is God. But still – what a strange thing it is that these queer folk believe their victory will only be achieved once they’ve cast themselves, naked and full of ecstasy, into the arms of Div-e Sepid.

The rhetorical apex to which I am referring was contained within a recently published issue of the Texas State University paper called The University Star which was written by a member of the aforementioned queer folk, Rudy Martinez. The title of the piece was, Your DNA is an Abomination. When Mr. Martinez wrote “Your DNA” he was referring specifically to white DNA.


The fundamental thesis was such a quintessential summation of the west’s prevailing anti-white zeitgeist that there would be little purpose to delve into it. The piece might best be summed up in Martinez’s closing statement: -white death will mean liberation for all. Strong echos of Wise and Ignatiev.

Here is a extended excerpt from Martinez’s paper to further elucidate his, I think it is perfectly fair to say, venomous position:


Everyone was outraged. The University Star printed a retraction. Wasn’t good enough so they threw their own boy under the bus, that is, they fired Martinez and condemned his piece in a last-ditch effort to save their paper’s suddenly crumbling reputation. Blah, blah. You know how it goes. None of that cyclical rigmarole is in the slightest bit interesting. What is of great interest to me was the outright admission that the reason this individual hated “whites” was because they were dominant. Clearly Martinez is in the gripe of a powerful inferiority complex and whilst many might laugh at this and scorn him all I can feel is pity for this miserable creature.

The University Star‘s tepid statement concerning the debacle. The problem, according the people who run the paper was merely that Martinez should have been “clearer” about his hatred for whites…

Second press release concerning the affair.

The fact that they threw Martinez under the bus for views that in whole or in part some portion of the staff clearly holds makes the outfit all the more retrograde. No loyalty. Only opportunistic cannibalism. A neccessary sacrifice upon the tophet of inclusivity.

Indeed, “anti racism” or “white abolitionism” (both of which are simply palls for anti-white hatred) are predicated almost entirely upon the idea that the primary thing which is wrong with “the white race” is that it has been too damned successful both historically and presently. Success in life, as any sufficiently aged person can tell you, can never be achieved without some sacrifice, without some cost, rightly or wrongly. As far as the historical costs of European success are concerned, they are many, in certain instances whole species and people’s have vanished due to European expansion, whether the Arawak under Columbus’ totalitarian rule or the Dodo. Whilst this may strike many living today as unfortunate, no one living today was responsible for these events and it might also be remarked that the African, Asian and other warring people’s of ancient history have done precisely the same. If they were not as successful it was simply because they never grew as powerful.

All that can be done now is either build off of the accomplishments of Western Civilization or to utterly reject and destroy them and replace them ad hoc; the latter choice would mean that all the suffering and bloodshed, all the destruction and loss incurred in European man’s conquest of the globe, whether literally or metaphorically, was done in vein. It would be like constructing a beautiful symphony and, because it became too popular, rending the sheet notes to pieces and destroying every instrument which played it. This is to say nothing to the lost of purpose this would also incur. In many ways, individual’s such as the aforementioned, Rudy Martinez, see a partial truth and from their end their search and all critical thought. He is correct that “whites” are and have been the dominant force in the west (and in certain other areas of the globe which have been colonized) for centuries upon centuries. He is wrong however, in alleging that all other cultures “die” upon meeting white civilization. This is so obviously false it requires no more further elaboration.

His folly lies in mythologizing past white conquest and layering on, not just the culpability, but the characteristics and proclivities, of so many past warlords, slavers and fanatics. Under this rubric, this perennial white guilt, this facsimile of Original Sin, there is only one option for redemption and that is complete and total self-erasure. But mythology is a two-way street, in building up this story of fantastical monstrosity one is also handing over a generation of impressionable young men and women two tools for dissent. For the Martinezeans say not only that whiteness is horrible and wrong but also that it is supremely powerful. The young European descended American can not help but then ask: So we are powerful? Then why is in-group organization not explicitly permitted? So I am evil? But what have I ever done to you? 

The inability to give a adequate answer is what will give birth to the very monsters which Martinez hates and fears; the real Shiroi Akuma.



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