Matt Hale Press Release Concerning Roy Moore; Urges Against Hasty Judgement

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Recently, the political prisoner, Matt Hale – who I have covered here before – put out a public service announcement which I am here re-producing for the purposes of public edification. I as I explained in depth in my previous article on the subject, Matt Hale’s trial and incarceration was nothing more than political railroading and his continued imprisonment in Florence Max Prison is nothing short of a crime itself. It is important that such instances of supreme governmental overreach and utter disregard for justice in the sake of political expediency are brought to the forefront of our national conversation given how frequently they occur. Christopher Cantwell, whom I have also written about, has recently suffered a similar fate. There are others; but of them, another time. If out government can entrap, frame and imprison a man simply for his thoughts alone it sets the precedent for conniving and sufficiently unethical bureaucrats and demagogues to do so again in the future – and with greater boldness. How long before the USA adopts laws akin to Canada’s notorious Bill C-16 which compels Canadians to refer to “gender non-binary” individuals by their preferred pronoun? How long before “hate speech” laws become “hate thought” laws? It is already happening. What we can do however, those of us who oppose such vile, draconian policies, is to note them, study them and bring them to the fore.

With that being said, here is Matt Hale’s statement concerning Roy Moore [Hale’s writing italicized and embolded].

Anybody can accuse anyone of anything but that doesn’t make it true. I know that from my own experience. I was framed by our FBI, our government and sentenced to 40 years using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist. I am not a terrorist and I committed no crime. There was no evidence presented at my trial which took place in Hammond, Indiana beginning April 7, 2004, case # 03 CR 11, that I committed any crime. I have asked repeatedly to be allowed to take a lie detector test to prove that I am innocent. I have been refused. The FBI had an informant tape conversations with me for over a two year period. These tapes were played at my trial. Never once did I ask the informant to kill anyone. That being said, the informant was asked on the stand if I had asked him to kill Judge Joan Lefkow and he said that he had asked me in my office and I had nodded ” yes”. Since they didn’t have it on tape, the informant said I nodded “yes”.

I went to law school, passed the Bar and was refused my license to practice law in Illinois. I am an educated lawyer but also a classical violinist. I have suffered in solitary confinement for over 13 years due to my opinions. This can all be validated by researching my trial transcript. There was never a crime nor a victim and never any action taken to commit any crime.

Anybody Can Accuse Anyone Of Anything But It Doesn’t Make it True!

The press release also contained this short codicil:

Political Prisoner Matt Hale is backing Roy Moore. There is no evidence that Roy Moore committed any sexual harassment against any of the woman that have made these accusations or that Roy Moore is a sexual predator.

Roy Moore served in the United States Army. He served as Deputy District Attorney, Etowah County, 1977-1982. He was Circuit Judge, Sixteenth Judical Circuit, 1992-2000. Roy Moore served as Chief Justice, Alabama State Supreme Court, 2000-2003, 2012-2016. Roy Moore has served our government well beginning in 1977 and has continued to do so.

Rendering of Hale.

Contact info:

Matt Hale 15177-424

U.S. Penitentiary Max

P.O. Box 8500

Florence, CO 81226

Note: The views of the World Church of the Creator, the Creativity Movement and Matt Hale are neither endorsed nor disavowed by the Logos Club. Indeed, Hale’s personal philosophical views have no bearing upon whether or not Hale was jailed justly or unjustly, just as Cantwell’s positions on Jews, race, immigration or right to bear arms has no bearing upon whether or not he committed assault. Such a starkly obvious fact is readily hushed or ignored by those who seek to jail their political and philosophical opponents for crimes of thought and as such it cannot be repeated enough.


Addendum: to illustrate how deplorably covered the Hale case is consider this – if you were to type “Matt F. Hale” into Google search the very first result other than his wiki page is my article for this very site! Now I am happy with how quickly this site has grown but it is still very, very small, the fact that our tiny little outfit should show so highly on this issue on Google search goes to demonstrate how little media attention this affair has received and that is a damned shame.

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