Numbers and Strife

Something recently occurred to me as I was checking up on the analytics for this very website, we are rapidly approaching our 200th published article. I had not realized quite so many articles had been published, which just goes to show how easily time can slip between one’s fingers when the mind is not sufficiently primed to contain it – indeed the whole of the year has passed as might a single month, as if time had been compressed by the chaotic expulsion of recent events in America and elsewhere. There have been many. The surprising victory of Donald J. Trump and the subsequent revitalization of both world-wide populism (which was prefigured by Occupy Wall Street, the Liberty Movement as well as the Tea Party Movement) and world-wide nationalism, that is conceiving of one’s people as a distinct people worthy of existence, worthy of adulation, worthy of pride and the placing thereof at the forefront of the state machinery.

There was also the profoundly strange allegations laid against the Syrian government, the hilariously titled “Assad Regime.” I always chuckled whenever anyone in the MSM said regime as it was such a obvious way of signalling that this was bad. Assad was a really bad guy otherwise why would he have a regimeAdministrations are alright, kiddo, but regimes… regimes were spooky.

There was the myriad protests, Charlottesville the culmination thereof, a woman died, a copter carrying two state troopers fell from the sky, a innocent libertarian LARPing as a fascist revolutionary was jailed for wrong-think and as yet lingers behind steely bars.

The ugliness of the whole incident perturbed me. The savage chattering from the protesters as much as the counterprotestors, from the commentators who, if Left-wing, jeered at the “nazis” who were obviously not nazis, who gibbered with perverse delight when some of those who had protested the taking-down of the Lee memorial statue were identified online via photo-matching and promptly fired from their jobs, excoriated and exiled from their communities; some were even cast out of home and hearth, such as the white civil right’s activist Peter Tefft, a supporter of the political organization Nationalist Front and a participating member of the United The Right rally in Charlottesville, who was excommunicated by his very own families due to his political beliefs. 

More than the unfortunate death of Heather Heyer (which appears to have been a accident – the whole of the incident is utter chaos) or the deaths of the state troopers (also a accident), or the imprisonment of a blustering and buffoonish, but innocent podcaster or the total failure of the city to uphold the peaceful rally they vowed to – above all of that – Peter Tefft’s family disavowing him perturbed me most of all. The reason why was that it was not the first time such a thing had happened nor, I was certain, would it be the last. Indeed, a outpouring of such grotesque “disavowels” would come a-pouring after the ill-fated rally and all who attended (at least all whom the media deemed dalit) gained sufficient recognition within the consciousness of the broader public. These familiar disputes, however, would be too numerous and too anodyne for the MSM and the shockjocks to utilize; they’d be skipped almost in entirety.

To sever the familial bonds for… what exactly? Political cushioning so that their neighbors couldn’t look to them and point over their pristine picket fence saying, “You believe as your son! The raaaaacisssst!” Nevermind the fact that Peter Tefft had harmed no one, had threatened no one, nevermind all that – even if Mr. Tefft was all that was said of him (ideologically deranged, working towards genocide, hateful, ect – he was and is not any of theses things) would this still warrant a formal excommunication from his family? I could not imagine how I would respond were such a blackened fate to befall me. Were my father and mother to cast me off for my philosophical and political beliefs (not even actions!)… Shock and supreme horror, I imagine, would first fill my mind, accompanied by a long bout of dreadful, restless emptiness. And how they laughed and nodded, those garishly suited talking heads. How the chattering classes nodded in hurried approval of his dismissal from polite society, how they lauded the actions of his family, how they praised his ostensible expulsion into fringe purgatory! They lapped up the negative energies as might a starving feline, licking at a freshly emptied bowl of milk, dead-set upon extracting every last drop. These creatures were not humans. They were psychic vampires. But such behavior is to be expected from the mental lampreys who cluster about such tragedies, one does not, however, expect a blatant show of sadistic glee from one’s fellow citizens. One might expect apathy (I did, and largely correctly as the story wasn’t much covered) and some snarky remarks about natzees and “SMH” and something-something, the KKK, David Duke (always strange to me that someone as mild mannered and grandfatherly-eccentric as David Duke became the perennial boogeyman of racial politics when there is no dearth of actual loons and crazies in the US to choose from) and write something about a resurgent evil neo-confederacy that threatens to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of it’s defeat and encompass the whole of the American Empire in it’s dreadful, burning wings. I even expected venom. What I did not expect was the level of the venom from Bob, Joe and Nancy Doe. Take for instance the below comments which were posted to a video of Peter Tefft being interview by KARE 11 News:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you might notice from the slide show of aforementioned comments, I made but one reply: Proving Tefft’s point in the strongest of possibles terms. 

Yet, no matter how many times you point this out to them they simply will not listen. It would be funny were it not quite so sad.


Kaiter Enless is a novelist, futurist, freelance writer and the founder & chief architect of the Logos Club as well as a contributor to New Media Central, part of the Halsey News Network.


[continued in part 2 – coming soon]

-stay tuned and may your life be a merry one.


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