Christopher Cantwell: Political Prisoner

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Imagine that you are of a unconventional turn of mind, so unconventional in fact that many people in your society decide that you need to be locked up. Not because you attacked or abused anyone but simply because your thoughts alone were deemed taboo. In fact, you don’t need to imagine it, because this has happened numerous times before and will doubtless happen numerous times again. No, not in North Korea but in the good ole US of A, the “land of the free” and “home of the brave.” Yet there is nothing freeing or brave about incarcerating a individual because you happen to find his or her philosophy distasteful.

The term political prisoner is defined as any individual who is constrained and confined by governmental authorities for no other reason than their political beliefs. The recently jailed white separatist, libertarian and small-time political podcaster, Christopher Cantwell, is one such example. Despite the fact that Americans in the aggregate (at least to my knowledge) are fundamentally opposed to imprisoning any individual merely for their political beliefs, no matter how strange or “beyond the pale” one cannot protest something if one has no knowledge about it and it hasn’t been getting a whole lot of press. In those outlets where Cantwell’s case and imprisonment are covered the story is spun in such a fashion so as to make out the shock-jock as an actual violent sociopath rather than as a man who is merely playing one. But before one can make a judgment about Cantwell’s guilt or lack thereof it is pertinent to lay out the relevant facts of the case for those whom may, as yet, have no knowledge of it.

On August 17, 2017, in the midst of the furor surrounding the Charlottesville Riots, a arrest warrant was put out for Christopher Cantwell who had himself participated in the chaotic violence which broke out during a political rally in Lee Park (also known as Emancipation Park), Virginia. The two outstanding warrants which were issued for Mr. Cantwell’s arrests concerned the illegal use of gas and injury via a caustic substance (pepper-spray). Both were felony charges. Cantwell was shortly thereafter kicked off of the hookup app Tinder as well as the dating website, OKCupid, which received, for a short time, nearly as much media attention as the felony case itself. His Youtube Channel, Facebook account and Twitter account were all, likewise, deleted by admins at the aforementioned companies who rushed to condemn all “extremists” in the wake of the death of Heather Heyer, a middle aged woman and leftist protester who had died of a heart-attack and/or blunt-force trauma (depending upon which sources you believe) during the frenzied chaos of the Charlottesville “2.0” riots; a move which was obviously more political than ethical. Cantwell was jailed, denied bail and is facing 60 years behind bars in penitentiary.

The problem with all of this was that the individuals whom Cantwell was accused of pepper-spraying had not been pepper-sprayed by Cantwell at all. Another individual, a leftist agitator who had been attending the rally, was pepper-sprayed by Cantwell when the agitator had attempted to assault the controversial podcaster. Not only is there photo evidence which corroborates Cantwell’s claim that he acted in self defense (see picture below) but there is also, reportedly, video footage which proves his innocence. The problem is that the video footage is property of VICE Media (who had followed Cantwell during the C-ville rallies for a documentary). When asked by Cantwell to release the relevant information VICE promptly declined which is, itself, rather telling. For why should they wish to surpress such information? They are obviously opposed to Cantwell – VICE is quite open its about its leftism – and thus if the video footage was incriminating they would have, for political gain, released it at once. What this suggest is that the video footage shows quite the opposite, though one cannot say for sure until it is released and aired to the public.

The infamous pepper-spray incident between Cantwell and a as-yet unidentified political agitator. As can be clearly observed, Cantwell is defensively leaning back whilst the agitator is aggressively moving forward which meshes with Cantwell’s claim that his actions were in self-defense.

Recently, two of the three charges against Cantwell have been dropped due to lack of evidence. Only time will tell whether or not the last remaining charge will be dropped as well but it certainly would not surprise me that even if it was some new and completely unrelated charge came up out of nowhere.

To uninformed onlookers, the Cantwell affair appears to be nothing more than a instance of a crazy radical getting his just desserts but much, much more is going on beneath the surface. For instance, a convicted child pornogropher of Jewish extraction named Richard Alan Wellbeloved-Stone (56) was recently transferred to the Albemarle Jail where Cantwell is being held. This reeks of a set up what with Cantwell’s well known radical racialist views being so widely known, specifically his suspicion and disdain towards Jews generally – for instance, at the C-ville rally Cantwell could be heard chanting, “Jews will not replace us!” with other protesters – it seems likely that some politically motivated string-pullers behind the scenes transferred this child pornographer into Cantwell’s cellblock with the hope that Cantwell would do something untoward to the pervert. Perhaps they were hoping Cantwell would kill him. I cannot be sure but the timing is certainly strange and is all too reminiscent of the political railroading of Matt F. Hale.

Regardless of what you may think of Cantwell’s personal politics (I find them cartoonish) or the way he has publicly conducted himself (foolhardy) he is not being tried in the court of law due to his speech, he is being tried because of alleged violence malevolently perpetrated and as of yet there is absolutely 0 evidence that any of the allegations leveled against him are true and quite a substantial amount of information which supports the complete opposite hypothesis. As far as I can ascertain Cantwell is guilty only of arrogant foolishness and distasteful boorishness.

Barring any new developments he should be freed immediately.

[I shall update this post when more relevant information is released and obtained as well as continue following this story as it develops]


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