Towards a Policy of Cultural Isolationism

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Cultural Warfare should not be the object of the Right. The justification is summarized in the maxim “Politics is Downstream of Culture”. The Story goes that the left has a hegemony in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, The Mainstream and New Media, thus they own politics and we can own it by these means.

The Alt-Right has done battle in the cultural-sphere, it found its footing in revealing and agitating a hysterical spirit hidden in the permissive surface of our culture. The agitation found its application confined to explosions of cultural violence. The successes are worth accounting for, The Saga of HWNDU, LDA gallery, World Peace and Clinton’s Deplorables. The unexplored context of these victories reveal a cultural terrain that necessitated the shape of these cultural acts. These moments of cultural success are a series of aggressive flanks and rapid retreats this type of battle can only take place on rough, complex land; that makes grand warfare impossible. The left is not losing the cultural war there is just no longer a place for substantial cultural combats.

It seems to me the advocacy for cultural warfare is coming predominantly from older people in The Right who do not understand what they rely on or wish to invigorate. The Unite The Right rally was planned by a handful of people who are much older than their base, the average age of which is probably nineteen; they drowned them out with the “big tent”. The Charlottesville disaster proved an incompatibility between our spirit and our political form, the whole arrangement exploding from the lack of harmony between the youth and the elders. We need to abandon cultural warfare and instead invigoration our spirit and the prudent engineering of our next political form, this should be the focus of the Right.



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