Site Update – We Now Have A Newspaper

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Salutations, dear reader. The Logos Club now has it’s very own online newspaper or, if you prefer, e-paper, entitled The Logos Daily. The paper will be updated twice daily and features articles from the site as well as a collection of writings from all over the internet concerning the very same topics covered by this website, politics, aesthetics, futurism, philosophy, NRx, the nature of the western world and the prospects of American revival and invigoration (also a EU section for our friends across the pond).

The Daily shall be completely free, requiring no information or subscription (though you can subscribe and we encourage you to do so, so as not to miss an update on important and invigorating news).

The paper was created for the express purpose of gathering the best and most oft neglected news and political/philosophical thought and concentrating it in one central hub. Article categories are presented below for ease of navigation.





You may access the site homepage here. Alternatively, you may access our newspaper on the home page of The Logos Club.

So grab a cup of coffee and a nice slice of biscotti and take a gander at The Logos Daily.

Happy reading.


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