The Club’s Weekly Roundup, 6/10/17 (category indexing addition)

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Futurism/Political Theory

Our first offering is Technofuturist BS, Round 2 (AI Edition) by the brisk and highly entertaining blogger, Quas Lacrimas.

Next we highly recommend STEEL-cam v Nick Land’s Tech-Comm Accelerationism from the always excellent, Imperial Energy who compares and contrasts Land’s particular brand of accelerationist politics with that of the STEEL Cameralists.


In what is easily the most hilarious piece recommended, Michelle Caitlin of New Media Central looks at the 5 Most Ridiculous Gender Studies Papers Published By Peer Reviewed Journals. Michelle looks at the wacky antics of trickster Peter Boghossian who submitted a paper to a peer reviewed journal which purported that the male penis was not a sexual organ but a social construct that additionally affects the weather. The only thing more ridiculous than his knowing, tongue-in-cheek paper, was the fact that Mr. Boghossian’s paper was accepted!

Prose & Poetry

Next up, E. Anthony Gray from Social Matter has a lovely and evocative poem about celestial desire entitled, The Bridge Of Stars.

Best of the Week

And the grand prize winner and most highly recommended of the week is the dark, psycho-sexual-hypermodernistic short story, Malform by Evan Stromo from Fluland; I’d go into more detail about the curious plot but I shan’t ruin it for you. Definitely give this bracing, strangely gloomy tale a read.


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