Upcoming: K.E. WCR Collection

After the demise of West Coast Reactionaries it occurred to me rather belatedly that the majority of the articles which I had submitted and published to that site have been published nowhere else. Thus, to rectify such a sorry state of affairs I will shortly be transferring all of my past articles from WCR’s archive to The Logos Club with minor alterations and annotations wherever necessary.

This will be a ongoing project and will likely take a couple of days but should prove quite satisfactory (at least to me, but hopefully to my readership as well) upon completion. As ever, I sincerely appreciate all of you who continue to read and share my works, for the turning of a single man’s mind is as the turning of a thousand keys to a thousand different doors.


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Futurist, artist and published fiction writer whose work asks the question, Of what use is the art which does not ruthlessly seek to force life to imitate it?

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