Identitarian Richard Spencer Announces Possible Congressional Run

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The leader of the controversial identitarian think-tank, the National Policy Institute, Richard Bertrand Spencer has recently announced that he may soon jump into the world of politics via a congressional run. This news came after President-Elect, Donald Trump selected Montana Congressman, Ryan Zinke for Secretary of the Interior. The choice, it is rumored by some within the quick congealing cabinet, was mainly the brainchild of Donald Trump Jr.

On Tuesday of the 20th of December, Spencer publicly stated the following:

If Congressman Zinke vacates his seat and I decide to run–and I’m seriously considering it–I’d do it as an Independent.

This is an interesting announcement given that Spencer has recently become something of household name of late. Additionally, his particular brand of self-described “white identity politics” which he wields with such deftness against the conglomerate of minority identity politics may well come into play due to the fact that Montana is 90% white.

Though, in my opinion, Mr. Spencer would have a better chance running as a member of the GOP on the Republican platform, if Trump’s election has shown us anything it is indeed the confirmation of that old adage, Politics is the art of the possible.


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