#Pizzagate, It’s Far More Disconcerting & Less Ridiculous Than It Sounds.

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Everything started with the discovery of a series of pedophile code words during the Weiner/Podesta email scand, including “Hotdog” = boy, “Pizza” = little girl, “Ice Cream” = Male Prostitute, “Map” = semen, and “sauce” = orgy, all of which were slang phrases known to be used in some sex trafficking pedo circles. Shortly thereafter a peculiar drawing, a police sketch, cropped up overseas in connection to the abduction of Madeleine McCann, a young British girl who vanished in Portugal 2003. What was notable about the case was the aforementioned drawing which looked remarkably similar to the rather unique visage of House Representative of New York’s 9th district, Anthony Weiner. Subsequent police sketches of other purported suspects revealed similarly disturbing parallels to the Podesta Brothers, John and Tony, the former of which acted as the chairman for much of Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated 2016 presidential campaign. However, nothing ever came of the police sketches and no further evidence indicating the child’s whereabouts emerged. To this day her whereabouts remain unknown.

Outside of politics, what binds all three of the aforementioned individuals together are ties to Marina Abramovic, who has since gained a great deal of media attention due to her peculiar penchant for a practice known as “spirit cooking.” Spirit cooking, as far as I have been able to source, is not any kind of strange faux-mystical practice or theologically driven magic rite, but rather the name of a series of contemporary, absurdist art pieces created by Abramovic in the mid-1990s. The pieces were mostly morbid performance art (as that’s Abramovic’s primary wheelhouse) that involved denoting rather unsavory, blackly comical ingredients such as the “fingers of the artist” as well as a, “ruby, soaked for 3 days.” Despite this, many sites, such as Mike Cernovich’s Danger and Play as well as Alex Jones’s Infowars, have rather hastily interpreted this as some kind of black magic rite and begun spinning hyperbolic yarns about “satanism,” which makes little sense given that contemporary Satanists neither believe in Satan nor in the existence of magic, black or otherwise. Claims of satanic occult cannibalism from the previously mentioned news outlets (as well as some others) only intensified after Abramovic invited the Podesta brothers over to her house and had John pose before a bloody wall with arcane symbols upon his hand. One thing that I think is lost on most people about this particular angle is that whilst it is a bizarre and grisly picture, if they really were conducting blood rituals why on earth would they take pictures and make them publically available? Such oversights boggle the brain. Still, the images were unnerving, to say the least but seem to indicate, not magic, but a morbid fascination with blood and death, which is, itself, justification for the raising of some hackles.

At this point in the story you may very well and rightly be wondering, well where does the “pizza” in #pizzagate come from? That particular question can be answered by observing a series of letters sent from Hillary Clinton to Jimmy Comet of Comet Ping Pong, a fun, interactive pizza and games shop which caters primarily to children. The letters (shared by Comet via Instagram) effusively thanked Mr. Comet and was signed directly by Ms. Clinton. Strange indeed. This begged the natural question, what was Comet’s connection to Ms. Clinton? The connection can be found via payments made to a one James Alefantis from both the Clinton Campaign as well as from it’s various Super PACs. And now for the twist, for James Alefantis, it turns out, is none other than Jimmy Comet of the previously mentioned Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria. It turns out that Mr. Comet, or rather Mr. Alefantis was formerly in a romantic relationship with David Brock who rather not coincidentally happens to run the super PAC, Correct the Record, which functioned as a propaganda vehicle under the Clinton Campaign. Alefantis, as it just so happens, is very good friends with both Tony and John Podesta as well as the Clintons. Indeed, the Clinton Campaign had even used Comet Pizza and Ping Pong as fundraising base for a time. All of these connections, combined with Tony Podesta’s art collection which features a massive golden statue that mirrors the poses which serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer liked to pose his victims in as well as the fact that Podesta’s favorite artist is most well known for the controversial subject matter of nubile children, scantily clothed or nude begins to paint a rather cohesive picture. Lastly, there is the fact that the restaurant next door to Comet’s own features a logo that is, quite literally, the same as as the spiral triangle used to donate a pedophile who is a “boy lover,” a symbol so widely used by such individuals that it is actually contained in the FBI database (i.e. unclassified, BLogo). Then there’s the Podesta’s and Clinton’s close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a well known and convicted sexual predator and pedophile. Or, perhaps, Podesta’s close friendship with the known pedophile, Dennis Hastert. The list goes on and on, a seemingly endless connect the dots of strangeness and debauchery.

This fetid void-well of collusion, controversy and downright weirdness has been called a conspiracy theory, by the mainstream media. And it is. However, simply have a theory about a bunch of people conspiring to do something should, in no way, detract from a serious consideration of the facts as they lay. And at the moment, quite frankly, they do not lay favorably for the Clintons, the Podestas, Anthony Weiner and James Alefantis. But don’t just take my word for it, do the research yourself, if you’ve the stomach for it.


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