Introduction to the Logos Club

Logos Club Primer

The Logos Club is a communal art and philosophy platform created for the dissemination of important ideas, images and stories too radical, controversial or otherwise taboo to be published elsewhere. We welcome upright individuals of all inclinations whom are possessed of ardor of character, introspection of mind and deftness of penmanship.

In a world of mass migration, shifting political alliances, erosion of cultural and linguistic cohesion and increased globalization it is increasingly important to ask, who one is, where one stands and what for. Hence the Logos Club vigorously tackles such ideas as Human Identity, Contemplation/Spiritualism, Nationalism, The Importance of Futurism, Sex, Evolution and the indispensability of empirical thought and order in all things.

Media we publish: 

  • Novels/short stories pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Manifestos/Pamphlets pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Essays/monographs pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Occasional videos pertaining to the aforementioned topics
  • Traditional/mixed/digital art pertaining to the aforementioned topics

Media we do not publish:

  • Pornographic materials (porn being distinct from erotica)
  • Material designed merely to shock
  • Deconstructionist/modernist/post-modernist works
  • Poorly edited/grammatically woesome works
  • Illogical screeds

All submissions may be made via the contact page.

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